Chen Xiao

Chinese actor Chen Xiao is furious that the paparazzi had secretly photographed his recent visit to the cemetery with fiancée, Michelle Chen.

According to China Times, the couple was previously spotted in Chen’s hometown Hefei for a meeting with his parents.

The two lovebirds were photographed strolling in the park, behaving intimately with each other, and even paying respects to Chen Xiao’s ancestors at a cemetery.
When the photos were published, an angry Chen slammed the paparazzi on Weibo for not only disrespecting their privacy, but also the dead.
“I can forget about the other photos, but what is there to photograph at a tombstone? You even want to earn money from that? That’s my grandmother!”
Meanwhile, a fan has also criticised the actor for disrespecting the dead by kissing his girlfriend at the cemetery, based on some of the photos published.
He later explained that the two photos were taken on two separate occasions.
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