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It is learnt that one of Malaysia’s top five English radio stations, Red FM (104.9) and Malaysia’s only women-centric radio station, Capital FM (88.9) – both owned by Star Media Radio Group – will cease operations sometime around this month.

An unnamed insider source told Hype that Capital FM will be the first to go as all of the female DJs from the station have already exited the station 3 months ago.

The DJs have already bid their goodbyes on social media and right now Capital FM has been playing only music with no more DJs talking on air.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Red FM talents will be with the station only until 31 December 2015.

It is unknown what is going to happen to the DJs or the channels after this, but the channels will still be on air until Star Media Radio Group comes to a decision.

Will it be rebranded or sold off completely? Nobody knows.

For now, we are waiting for an official statement from Star Media Radio Group, so stay tuned for more updates.

Star Media Radio Group also operates two other radio stations; the classic Malay radio station Suria FM (105.3) and one of Malaysia’s major Chinese language radio stations, 988 FM (98.8)