If you’re a real foodie and you think about food every day – even when you’re sleeping – then we got just the thing for you!

Check out these ridiculously creative food-themed bed sheets which has gone viral on social media sites, because everyone is hungry for them!

From nasi lemak to tom yum, to pizza and more, these bed sheets will make your mouth water all night long!

Well, at least now you will have a good reason to drool in bed!

That fish pillow looks so real!

So does this crab meat bolsters!

A tom yum bed sheet complete with key lime pillow!

After waking up from this, you would want to have nasi lemak for breakfast!

Pizza anyone?

A nice bed sheet for an afternoon nap, after having your tea time!

Fans of clams would love sleeping on this!

The crab meat bolster comes in 3 different sizes!

Simple and sweet.

More crab meats!

This girl must be having a delicious dream!

Stop! Don’t eat, those are not real prawn and fish!

(Photo sources: worldofbuzz.com)

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