Anthony Wong is apparently smitten by his “Lord of Shanghai” co-star Alice Chan’s charm that he wants to do another drama with her.

According to On CC News, the actor, who attended the finale banquet for “Lord of Shanghai” recently, disclosed that he is interested to do a modern drama where Alice is his wife or girlfriend.

“She is so captivating. My friends were all wondering why she looked the most beautiful among all in the drama. They even asked me if she had a personal make-up artiste.”
Anthony also admitted that he has been a fan of the actress for more than a decade, even before she was married.
The actor added that he would definitely support Alice to win Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Award if she is nominated in the category.
But when reminded that he had expressed support for Liza Wang previously, Anthony said, “Between Liza and Alice, I prefer Alice in terms of appearance!”
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