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Malaysia’s budget airline, AirAsia just banned all
lithium-powered electronic devices from entering the aircraft effective
The company stated this issue on Wednesday saying all
lithium battery-powered personal transportation devices would not be permitted
to board planes as check-in or hand-carry baggage on all AirAsia and AirAsia X
flights effective Dec 30.
Hoverboards, Segweys, mini-Segweys, electronic scooters,
solowheels and airwheels are among the devices that are banned.
On the other hand, AirAsia said that battery-operated
wheelchairs might be allowed on the planes only under certain conditions, but
the batteries would have to be removed.
“The maximum weight allowed for wheelchairs and
mobility devices is 85kg,” said AirAsia in a statement.
Guests are urged to be familiar with AirAsia’s guidelines
available on their website before boarding a flight with them.
AirAsia’s decision follows similar restrictions imposed on
“self-balancing electric scooters” by many other airlines this month
such as Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air, Singapore Airlines and its
subsidiary, Tiger Airways, British Airways, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines,
JetBlue, Delta, American and United Airline flights.
(Photo Source: cultofmac.com)