Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok has recently opened up about his new relationship for the first time since announcing it to the world.

As reported on Apple Daily, the 50-year-old star, who earlier this week made an indirect announcement about his relationship with 27-year-old model, Moka Fang, revealed to the media recently that he wants to be more mature about his love life.

In a short interview during an appearance at an Esquire Magazine function on 2 December, Aaron stated that he now feels more mature and wants to understand things from a different perspective.
The actor, who has never publicised his relationships in the past, stated, “I think at this point of my life, publicising the relationship will not affect my career. I want to be honest with myself.”
He also revealed that his relationship with Moka is still new, and declined to elaborate more on the Shanghai-based model.
When asked how they met, Aaron replied, “We were introduced by friends over dinner.”
Aaron also seemed focus on finally settling down, telling the media that he doesn’t have any issue with a flash marriage, though added that he wants his relationship with Moka to develop more.
When asked if he wants to say anything to ex-fiancée, Lynn Hung, who is now dating Kenix Kwok’s brother Ken, Aaron said, “I want to wish her happiness. I want everyone in the world to be happy.”
He later added, “Life is not a battlefield. There is no need to compare yourself to others.”
(Photo source: baomoi.com)