Tired of the same old dining experience every time you and your family or friends go out for dinner and/or yum cha?

If teh tarik, bak kut teh, nasi lemak, what have you, are no longer tingling your taste buds or the food is still great, you’re just bored of the same old surrounding, pay either one of these (or better yet, all) five restaurants a visit.

Foodies all around the world have concocted unique and interesting – and to some extent, extravagant – ways of enhancing their dining experience. This is of course done in order to appeal to the consumers, especially to cater to the needs of adventurous foodies.
Malaysia, too, doesn’t want to miss out on the action and these are the results of what some out-of-the-box thinking can bring forth:

1. T-Bowl Concept Restaurant

(Photo source: Magic Travel Blog)
If you’ve ever shunned the idea of  eating your meals in the toilet, this restaurant just might change your mind about it – provided your toilet is just as clean and any business done in it doesn’t involve No.1 or No.2. Similar to Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant, Malaysia’s T-Bowl is all about consuming your food while perched on a t-bowl (see what they did there?). Also, food is served in mini t-bowls. 
(Photo source: Diversions with Diane)
The word ‘toilet’ usually brings to mind some unpleasant images but the food and decoration in this restaurant is all but adorable! It even has the cute Tbros (Toilet Brothers – toilet bowl, stool, shower) as mascots. Founder Samuel Tan opened the first outlet in Penang in 2008. It has since expanded to other states but seems like the only outlet still operating now is the one located at City Square, Johor Bahru.
To squat or not to squat?
(Photo source: Toilography)

2. Dinner in the Sky

(Photo source: MalaysiaAsia)
This one’s fairly new in Malaysia, the first country in Southeast Asia to host the restaurant deemed by Forbes.com as one of the ten most unusual restaurants in the world. Located at the KL Tower, the sky is no longer the limit with this dining experience, which elevates diners to a maximum height of 45 to 50 metres above ground. 
(Photo source: Malaysia Tatler)
Diners will then get to enjoy their meal while also enjoying the bird’s eye view of the scenic city below as they “float” high up in the air. This Belgian-based novelty dining service is part of the global Dinner in the Sky group, currently operating in 43 countries. 
Yap Kiam Bun and Dato Lee Chong Wei at the launch back in August
(Photo source: Kee Hua Chee Live!)

3. Dining in the Dark KL

(Photo source: Reddit)
Dining in the Dark KL is the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia. Just as advertised, it’s about having your meal while being completely in the dark! This might sound bizarre to some (“How will I know what I’m eating?”) but this is all done for a good reason. According to its official website, once your optic nerve is overridden, your other senses will take over. In other words, your sense of taste will get heightened and you will enjoy your food more.  
(Photo source: Says)
If you’re worried of waiters accidentally spilling soup in your lap while serving you your mystery dish, fret not, the service staff are made up of visually impaired and blind persons – they navigate the dark better than you. Bonus: You don’t have to get all glammed up for this dinner since you’ll be sitting in the dark anyway.
The waiting lounge
(Photo source: Jiaaqieats by Jia Qi)

4. Atmosphere 360 

(Photo source: Atmosphere 360)
The KL Tower makes the list again with yet another unique restaurant. True, revolving restaurants may not be that unique of an idea since this isn’t that rare a breed, still, considering the beautiful 360-degree view it offers, this is a must-try. Located 282 metres above ground at the world’s sixth tallest tower, the restaurant slowly rotates as you enjoy your meal, so your view of the city skyline changes every now and again. 
(Photo source: Atmosphere 360)
The restaurant is also famous for its buffet, which includes Western, Malay and Chinese dishes. So this is definitely great for big groups as there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.
A view of the restaurant’s interior
(Photo source: Atmosphere 360)

5. Ecole P

(Photo source: Chasing Food Dreams)
It’s time to go back to school with this one. The setting for this unique café at Damansara Uptown is definitely a blast to the past for people who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and attended public school (Chinese ones, specifically). The moment you step into the classroom-inspired dining area, you just might start weeping from the pang of nostalgia. The wooden table (defaced with scribbles), the green “blackboard”, the pencil boxes (utensils in place of stationeries inside), the menu (presented in a notebook) will transport you back to your schooling days. Even the snacks are the ones newer generations probably won’t bat an eyelid at. 
(Photo source: Trip Advisor UK)
The food served include both local (though some with a twist) and Western dishes. Unfortunately, at the moment school’s closed, so to speak. A post on Ecole P’s Facebook says it “will officially ‘graduate’ and undergo a total rebranding. We’re looking forward and hope some of you will join us in our next phase.”
The menu, utensils and snacks
(Photo source: Eat, Play & Have Fun!)
Just like the good, old canteen
(Photo source: Feeding JoeBoy)
(Photo sources: Magic Travel Blog, Feeding JoeBoy, Says)