Are they or are they not yet married? Tabloids are now saying that actress Zhang Ziyi and rock star Wang Feng have actually registered their marriage in Hong Kong in the middle of 2015.

As reported on HK Channel, previously, it was reported that the couple, whose engagement made headlines in February, planned to register their marriage in Hong Kong, following Zhang’s desire to become a Hong Kong citizen.

By the end of March this year, it was reported that the couple has secretly filed a notice of intended marriage in Hong Kong. Since the law required a couple to register their marriage within three months of the application, many speculated that Zhang and Wang would get married in June.
However, a marriage certificate published by the tabloids recently showed that the couple had registered their wedding on 10 May.
It was also rumoured that the couple originally planned to hold their wedding this year, but had to delay it because of Zhang’s unexpected pregnancy.
(Photo source: qoocc.com)