Wu Zhongyi, husband of the late actress Sima Yan who passed away earlier this year, has recently denied rumours of his extra-marital affair with another woman.

According to HK Channel, previously, tabloids reported that Wu has been involved with a mainland woman named Summer Sun for five years during which Sima was still battling cancer.

The aforementioned woman reportedly forced him to sign a document of commitment to her, and has been harassing all the women connected to the late actress out of jealousy.
However, Wu recently released a statement to clarify the issue. He stressed that they met back in May this year and dated for four months, but broke up when Summer began harassing other women.
Wu alleged that Summer had been hospitalised before and was diagnosed with emotional instability and delusion, and he had even reported her to the police after she lost control again soon after being discharged.
Wu also stated that he has asked friends who had been harassed by Summer to report the incident to the police.
As for the document of commitment, Wu stressed that the woman has forged his signature, and that he will never marry her. He also plans to take legal action against her.
In addition, Wu also claimed that Summer is set to marry a Spaniard tennis player in New York, and will be living in the United States.
(Photo source: ihktv.com)