TVB Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Tsang Sing Ming, has recently defended former Miss Hong Kong alumna, Sisley Choi, over issues of her academic background.

Previously, tabloids raised questions about Sisley’s academic qualifications, after she was revealed to have graduated from Bulacan State University through Lifelong College in Hong Kong in December 2013, three years after her enrollment; contrary to previous reports that she studied in Germany before joining the pageant.

The actress had declined to respond to the issue when asked to do so recently.
However, Tsang recently talked to the media about the issue, saying that it was not a big problem at all.
“We have reviewed the documents submitted by Sisley when she took part in the pageant back in 2013. She has indeed completed a one-year study in Germany. In her second year, she returned to Hong Kong,” said Tsang, according to HK Channel.
He added that there were no discrepancies in the documents as alleged by the media, and that all the records were accurate.
“As for other academic issues, we will not respond to it,” he said.
As to whether TVB will pursue the problem, Tsang said that the top management will meet up with Sisley to clarify the situation.
“I won’t say anything until we get the full picture. She has already fulfilled her duty as the first runner-up. There won’t be any changes.”
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