Rumours are rife that TVB is set to bring back the Ma family to the sitcom, “Come Home Love”.
According to Mingpao news, rumours are rife that the company is not happy with the mediocre ratings that “Come Home Love 2” has been suffering from since it replaces the original long-running sitcom earlier this year.

And while it was reported that the sitcom will end its run next year and be replaced by a new series starring Wayne Lai, another rumour has emerged that the company is set to revamp the sitcom with the return of the Ma family.

The rumours were further fuelled by a recent post by its star, Evergreen Mak, who uploaded several photos of the Ma family online, including one with Lau Dan and Yvonne Lam eating abalone in a dried seafood shop.
Joey Law also left a comment that stated they are filming together again.
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