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Visiting a city solo or with a group of friends but you don’t know where to start when it comes to its nightlife?

Well, the best way for you to experience the night escapades of a place is by joining the local Pub Crawl where you’ll also get to meet a whole bunch of like-minded people from all over the world who just want to have fun!

Besides, in cities like Tokyo and Singapore where drinks at bars and cover charge at clubs can really bust a hole in your wallet, the Pub Crawl tickets are priced pretty decently for you to get ample amount of drinks for FREE and more booze at heavily discounted prices with a guaranteed fun time!

Tried and tested, here we list our top 5 best and most fun Pub Crawls in Asia! 

Tokyo Pub Crawl


The Tokyo Pub Crawl averages around 80 to 100 people per night and visits around 3 to 4 bars before ending the night at one of the popular clubs in the Roppongi area. Bringing your photo I.D’s are a must if you want to go to the club and make sure your tattoos stay hidden as most establishments have a strict no visible tattoo policy (Must be a Yakuza thing).

Each pub crawl night has its own theme (singles, superhero, ugly t-shirt), so its best you check this out on their Facebook page. Take a shot at each bar and the party captain(s) will make you down vodka from the bottle before heading to the next venue. Drinks for pub crawlers at each venue go for a special price of 500 yen per drink. Expect to meet a good mix of foreigners and some corporate Japanese folks who seriously party hard after working hard the whole week.

Tickets: 2,500 yen but ladies get a 500 yen discount.

Boracay Pub Crawl


Rated as TripAdvisor’s No.1 activity in Boracay, the Boracay Pub Crawl is a must go event. Each participant gets; a free pub crawl t-shirt which they are free to modify, a shot glass attached to a lanyard (which you use to get your shots) and a rubber wristband. The Captains of the Boracay Pub Crawl are one of the more energised people you can meet compared to most of the pub crawls in the region, and they definitely know how to get the party going. There will be a couple of fun games played on the beach itself where the winning group will get to down shots of coconut rum straight from the bottle.

With an average of around 80 to 100 people per crawl, there are about 4 bars to down shots from and at each bar special drinks (like mojito, coke & rum, and Red Horse beer) go for 100 pesos for two drinks only pub crawlers before ending the night at a dance club. Expect to meet a balanced group between Asians and Westerners and a whole new bunch of friends who would usually hang out again the following evening for the Pub Crawl reunion party by the beach!

Tickets: 790 pesos for males and 690 pesos for females.

Koh Tao Pub Crawl 


There seemed to be a Bangkok Pub Crawl a while back but that has faltered and another more happening Pub Crawl in Thailand has taken its place at Koh Tao. If you’ve ever been to Thailand then you’ll know that their bucket drinks can be quite the kick in your bloodstream. With the Koh Tao Pub Crawl, crawlers get a free bucket of drink, 2 shots at one of the 4 visited bars and a Pub Crawl t-shirt.

Giving you the Thai experience all in one night, crawlers get to watch a live band take the stage, fire dancers on the beach, and also a special ladyboy dance performance. There’s also a pool party somewhere in between, so do wear your swimsuits underneath your Pub Crawl shirts just incase you get thrown in! The Pub Crawl seems to attract a lot of foreigners so you’ll get to meet people from all over the world.

Tickets: 400 baht for first timers. Repeat crawlers can get tickets for 300 baht.

Singapore Pub Crawl


Also rated as Singapore’s top nightlife activity. The Pub Crawl brings you around the bustling cosmopolitan of Singapore to visit 4 bars before ending the night at a club. Each crawler would get a free shot at each bar and 50% discount for drinks at each venue.

One of the massive crawls was their Villains Party Bus where there was a hop on hop off bus bringing the costumed crawlers from one location to the next. If you want the full party experience with a huge crowd, then aim to plan your visit around the Singapore National Day, Halloween and St. Patrick’s pub crawl where there’ll be a theme and people dressed up to the nines.

Tickets: SGD25

Siem Reap Pub Crawl


Highly recommended for anyone who’s visiting Siem Reap, the Pub Crawl is very well organised by experienced party people from New Zealand. What crawler’s would get is a free Siem Reap Pub Crawl top and 4 free drinks at the 4 visited bars. Expected to play the usual bar games like beer pong or flip cup, which will earn you more free drinks, but there will also be random games thrown in just for fun.

 If you’re looking for more drinks then you won’t have to pay more than USD1 per drink. The pub crawl groups are made up of almost 100 % foreigners who are mostly young backpackers.

Tickets: USD10