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Malaysian rapper SonaOne will soon be releasing his first solo album called “Growing Up Sucks” early next year, following his next single “Firefly” which will be released on 4 December 2015.

“The album is done and I’m very excited to share it with the world. It got about a dozen of tracks and is scheduled for early 2016,” the rapper told TheHive.Asia during the launch of Yonder Music app at The Garage KL.

SonaOne said that the album covers a wider field of music genres other than hip hop, as it will also have a mix of jazz, rap and dance music.

The album also features collaborations with several regional artistes, but SonaOne is not revealing who they are just yet.

“There are collaborations. I’m not going to reveal too much for now, but I can say that I collaborated with a lot of my friends, and they are all regional acts. There’s a rapper from Singapore, Joe Flizzow is on it too, and a few other people that I won’t mention yet,” said the “No More” singer.

SoneOne started writing the album when he was 22 years old – he is now 27.

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According to the rapper, the album is inspired from what he has been going through in his life, and it talks about the general issues that people in their 20s can relate to.

“The album is special to me because it takes little chronicles and experiences of my life,” said SonaOne. “Normally, when you reach 20 or 21, you start to feel the responsibility of being an adult and you start to miss being a kid again.”

“That’s why I picked this title, because I feel that it is a title that people my age can relate with,” he added.

When asked about his upcoming shows, SonaOne said that nothing major is planned as plans for his new album is underway.

“We want to keep the shows to a minimum until the album is out, or at least until we start promoting the album. Because right now, we’re focusing on getting the groundwork done for all these releases, maybe next year we can do a tour, or a nice launch for the album,” said the 27-year-old singer.