After working with Brown Eyed Girls’ Son Ga-in in his music video “Fantasy” two years ago, Show Luo has now turned to another K-pop idol, Miss A’s Suzy.

According to Now News, Show recently released the music video of his duet with Suzy, “Together in Love”, from his latest album, “Reality Show”, where they play a couple and act romantically with each other.

Show revealed that he actually met Suzy two years ago at the YouTube Music Awards, but the Korean darling didn’t remember him.
“My hair was golden at the time. Now it’s back to black. I looked different back then, so Suzy can’t remember,” he said.
As for his duet with Suzy, Show praised the K-pop star for her perfect Chinese pronunciation.
“She took only two hours and a half to do the recording. Her pronunciation was so perfect that I could not even tell that it was a foreigner who sang it,” he said.
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