Taiwanese pop star Show Luo was not happy about the plagiarism accusation that was thrown his way by the public, according to Now News.

Previously, the singer was accused of injecting elements of Korean rapper G-Dragon’s music videos into his own music video, “Let Go”. One that was talked about the most was a scene where the singer was dancing with men in masks.

When asked about the accusations, Show, who has been performing since 1996, denied plagiarising anybody in his work.
“I have been accused of plagiarism before. I didn’t mind it at first, but of course it makes me angry sometimes,” said Show, adding that he had already done the mask look in his performance a long time ago.
Show stated that the use of masks in the MV, which raises the subject of bullying, was a way for him to say that a bully has no definite face, and that anybody can accidentally become the perpetrator.