After failing to win his wife back, Hong Kong singer-actor Roy Chow revealed recently that he has met somebody new.

According to Apple Daily, the actor recently posted three photos of himself with a girl on Facebook and wrote, “Feeling blissful.”

The only detail that the media was able to get about the woman in question is that she is called Chow Tsz Yee. 
When asked to respond to her ex-husband’s new love, singer Yu Chiu said, “That’s good. He is living his own life. I am also living my own busy life.”
The singer added that she hopes his new relationship means that Roy will not bother her and their two daughters anymore.
Back in October, Roy posted an apology online and begged Yu for forgiveness.
“The media can attack me for all I care. At this moment in my life, I only want my family back. I hope everyone can give me one more chance,” the actor wrote.
Yu, however, declined to give any response to the apology.
News of the couple’s marital woes was reported last year, when it was revealed that Roy had been cheating on Yu behind her back. The singer also accused him of domestic abuse and filed for divorce later on.
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