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Former TVB actor Raymond Lam revealed that there is a slim chance for him to star in both “Line Walker 2” and the movie adaptation of the original hit 2014 series.

As reported on HK Channel, the actor, who attended a public event recently, stated that he has already turned down the movie offer.

“There have been suggestions about turning the series into a movie since last year. But I decided not to do it,” said Raymond.
The actor continued, “People who like to watch the TV series would prefer to see the plot unfold in every episode. A movie will have to reveal everything in a matter of two hours.”
As for the sequel, Raymond, who was absent from the 2016 TVB Sales Presentation to promote it, stated that there is a likelihood that he will not be a part of it.
“I have set the time to focus on my music career until April next year,” he said. 
Fortunately, the actor revealed that he is in talks to appear in Louis Koo’s upcoming movie adaptation of his 2001 time-travelling drama, “A Step into the Past”.
(Photo source: dramafever.com)