Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has been in a good mood since announcing her engagement recently, as she laughed over fans’ comments about an elopement with former boyfriend Bosco Wong, according to Mingpao.

The actress, who attended a charity event on 9 November, admitted that she has no qualms inviting Bosco Wong, her ex-boyfriend of eight years, to her wedding in December.

“If he has the time to attend, of course I hope he could be there. But I know he’s very busy,” said Myolie, who indirectly admitted that her wedding will be held at the Ritz Carlton.
She also assured that there will be no awkwardness between her and the actor, since they are still friends.
“Philip knows that I am inviting Bosco. He supports my decision,” she said.
When mentioned that some Netizens didn’t take too well to her engagement news and wanted Bosco to take her away on her wedding day, Myolie laughed and responded, “That only happens in a drama. This is the real world. People are watching too much TV.”
Meanwhile, Bosco recently responded to news of Myolie’s engagement, saying, “I wish her happiness and fulfillment in her new life.”
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