Rumours of an engagement turned out to be true, when it was revealed that Myolie Wu’s boyfriend, Philip Lee, had popped the question prior to her birthday party last week.

As reported on HK Channel, previously, it was rumoured that the businessman intended to pop the question during Myolie’s 36th birthday event on 6 November, making the event both about her birthday and their engagement.

She even displayed a sparkling diamond ring at the party, though only gave a smile when asked about it.
However, Myolie has recently admitted on social media that she and Philip are engaged.
The actress posted a photo of a pre-wedding photograph which she and Philip took in Belgium for a bridal magazine, and wrote, “Thank you for putting a smile on my face every day. Thank you for always standing by the side of the road when we’re crossing the street. Thank you for even though you lectured me, you still help me blew my hair dry before bed when I refused to do it.”
“Thank you for letting me know that I can also be a little woman, and thank you for asking me to be your life partner, giving me hope and confidence about the future. Thank you, and I love you.”
The couple has yet to announce the official date for their wedding.
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