Although Zhang Ziyi has been keeping mum about her rumoured pregnancy, it was director Wei Nan who recently spilled the beans about her situation.

As reported on On CC, the director, who appeared at the press conference of their new movie, “Oh My God”, in Beijing recently, made the mistake of indirectly admitting to the rumours when asked about Zhang, who was also absent from the event.

When asked how he persuaded the actress to do the movie while she was pregnant, Wei replied, “I didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time.”
He later tried to change the subject, and joked, “In fact, almost half of the filming crew are pregnant right now.”
Zhang’s pregnancy rumours sparked a few months ago when she was spotted with a bulging belly. The actress has also been absent from several public events since then, and even hid her belly in group photos. 
Sources claimed that she has travelled overseas to prepare herself for the birth. 
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