Ten years ago, TVB actress Linda Chung went missing while filming “The Biter Bitten” in Panyu, China. The incident remained a mystery for ten years, until recently, when she revealed the true story on TVB’s variety show, “Wanna Bros”.

According to On CC, back in 2005, Linda and her co-star Shirley Yeung reportedly went missing for 72 hours after they had a karaoke session with the staff.

“We weren’t missing for 72 hours, but we still don’t know what happened,” said Linda on the show. 
The actress shared that she and the others had celebrated Shirley’s birthday at a karaoke place nearby that day, and stayed until 1 am. However, as she was hailing a taxi to return to the hotel afterwards, she encountered around 10 to 20 men with swords in their hands.
“They started chasing after us and told us in Mandarin to stop running. I thought that they wanted to kill us,” said Linda.
The actress stated that she and Shirley soon ran into a dead end. She saw a big hole nearby and asked Shirley to jump in with her.
“Those men continued looking for us using flashlights. I was so scared when I was down in the hole with Shirley. I really thought I would die,” said the actress.
Linda stated that her assistant called her afterwards and told her that the bad guys have left, but the actress refused to leave the hole.
“I was so scared, I didn’t want to come out. My legs were full of cuts from jumping into the hole. But in the end, my assistant found us,” she said.
Linda believed that she had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTD) since the incident, and that it took her almost a year before she could finally recover from the incident. 
As for why the men were chasing after them, Linda said, “I believe they mistook us for someone else.”
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