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Taiwanese top model and actress Lin Chi-ling is furious with speculations of her being involved in the prostitution ring that is currently being investigated by the police.

According to HK Channel, previously, Next Magazine released the initials of some of the stars allegedly involved in the syndicate.

One was called Miss L and was described as a top model who has done commercials and movies. Netizens and media alike quickly assumed that Lin, who has done various ads and movies including “Switch” and “Monk Comes Down the Mountain”, to be the model described.
Lin had since released a statement denying the allegations.
The statement reads, “The reports are based on hearsay evidence and aimless speculations, and it is a serious blow to a person’s dignity. We will not hesitate to take legal action against those involved in writing these inaccurate reports for damaging Lin’s good name.”
Lin also stressed that she doesn’t know Virginia Dai, the leader of the syndicate, and demanded that the media stop making speculations about the case.
“My conscience is clear, and I hope not to see any report linking me to it again. I will not allow it,” she said.
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