She previously won Golden Horse’s Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer for her role in “July Rhapsody” back in 2003. And now her performance in “Zinnia Flower” has won her the Best Actress award – making Karena Lam the first actress in the Golden Horse history to win all three, also known as the Golden Horse’s “Grand Slam”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress recently expressed her delight over the victory, since she didn’t expect to win, especially against top contenders Shu Qi, Zhao Tao, Vivian Sung, and Sylvia Chang.

“I am completely unprepared. I could not have imagined that I would be so lucky,” said Karena in her acceptance speech.
Speaking to the media at the after-party, Karena revealed that she once auditioned for an Ang Lee movie, and was disappointed when she didn’t make the cut. Therefore, she was happy to hear that the “Lust, Caution” director has praised her performance in “Zinnia Flower”.
When asked if winning Best Actress would mean doubling her current salary, Karena said that she would not do such a thing.
“For me, finding a good script and good character is very hard. I would never raise my salary for that,” she said.
“Zinnia Flower” tells the story of a man who loses his pregnant wife, and a woman who loses her fiancé. The two meet each other at a Buddhist ritual, where they have 100 days to mourn for the dead.
(Photo source: Wally Santana)