Chinese songstress Faye Wong is set to make a comeback with a new album, according to ET Today.
Although the singer has recorded various theme songs for movies and dramas as well as charities throughout the years, her last album, “To Love” – a Mandarin one, was released way back in 2003.

Her hiatus was partly because of her marriage to then actor Li Yapeng, and the birth of daughter Li Yan, who was born with a congenital cleft lip.

The album, titled “Getting By”, will mark her return to the industry after 12 years. Rumour has it that the singer decided to record a new album after learning that a diehard fan had compiled her yet-to-be-released recordings into an album and called it Faye’s tenth album.
Meanwhile, Faye’s daughter Leah Dou recently celebrated the singer’s comeback by cutting her hair short and dying it light pink, resembling Faye’s hairstyle in her 1998 “Greatest Hit” compilation album.
(Photo source: www.kaigaidrama.jp)