Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is set to be the final guest for the popular Taiwan talk show, “Kangxi Lai Le”.

According to CRI News, the programme’s broadcaster revealed recently that the “Lady of the Dynasty” star has already accepted the invitation for the show’s final episode on 2 December, and will be paid around NTD100,000 (approximately USD3000) for her appearance.

However, the show’s host, Dee Hsu, previously revealed that they will make the final episode without any guests, sparking speculations that Fan will actually appear on the penultimate episode.
Aside from Fan, Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan will also appear on the show before it ends next month.
“Kangxi Lai le”, which has been one of the most successful talk shows in Taiwan since 2004, is closing its curtain in December after both of its presenters, Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, announced their retirement from the show last month. 
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