Hong Kong actor and producer Eric Tsang has decided to sue Lollipop F’s member, Owodog, for breach of contract, following the multiple issues that he had caused.

As reported on Mingpao News, last year, the Taiwanese boyband signed with Eric’s agency, Team Power Entertainment, which manages their career in Hong Kong.

However, after only a year, member Owodog suddenly issued a lawyer’s letter in June – requesting for termination of his contract.
He also refused to record songs and declined to accept 13 jobs that were arranged by the agency, causing Team Power to lose approximately NTD56 million.
Allegedly, Owodog has also been accepting jobs privately, not through the company.
On 26 November, Eric released a statement through his company, stating that the singer still has a contractual obligation with the company. He blasted Owodog for terminating the contract unilaterally, calling it an immoral behaviour.
Eric also revealed that the company has taken the matter to the court, although it will not affect the rest of Lollipop F members.
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