“She better invite me!” said Bosco Wong, jokingly, when asked about ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu’s upcoming wedding.

According to Yes Entertainment, the actor, who appeared at the 2016 TVB Sales Presentation recently to promote his upcoming series, “K9 Cop”, stated that he has no qualms attending the actress’ wedding if she saves a spot for him at the event.

“I didn’t go to her birthday party last week, but I did wish her a happy birthday via text message. If I was in Hong Kong at the time, I would have joined the party,” he said.
As for comments made by their fans that Bosco should run off with Myolie on her wedding day, the actor replied, “I hope she will have happiness and grow old with her partner together!”
In related news, Bosco’s new drama “K9 Cop” is scheduled to be aired in June 2016. 
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