“I don’t remember the actor’s name but his Mandarin is really not good,” said Anthony Wong recently, when asked about his recent Facebook post, On CC reported.

Back on 1 November, the actor, who was watching the StarHub TVB Awards on TV, made a comment online about a certain actor’s bad voice and poor Mandarin proficiency.

“But of course, that won’t affect his popularity,” he added.
Although he didn’t mention any names, many speculated that Anthony was talking about Ruco Chan or Tony Hung, who both have bad Mandarin.
When asked to clarify his Facebook post recently, Anthony stated that he didn’t remember the actor’s name but said that he was shocked when the actor mispronounced the word “hot mama” as “monks”.
“To be good in this industry, we have to know Mandarin, especially if you want to expand into the mainland industry. You should never be lazy. Find a teacher!”
When it was suggested that the actor might be too busy to hire a teacher to help hone his Mandarin, Anthonhy replied, “If that’s the case, I will tell the director I have not memorised my script because I have been too busy. An athlete might say that he is too busy to go to practice. This is part of your job.”
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