“I want to become an entertainment tycoon,” said Wong Cho Lam, who is set to produce a new movie with Shaw Brothers soon.

According to Oriental Daily News, the comedy actor-turned-producer, reportedly will work with Wong Jing, Andrew Lau, and Anthony Chen in the upcoming project.

“There will also be a period film, and a modern one in the near future. I am also planning for another “Come On, Cousin” series, but for now, I can’t announce anything just yet,” he said.
As a producer, Wong said that he hopes to help Hong Kong actors explore the mainland market.
“If my own production company is stable, I hope to manage talents as well,” said Wong. “With my current network, I can help Hong Kong actors make a living.”
When asked if he will help beauty queen wife Leanne Li as well, Wong said that the actress is already busy with work.