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The 4th edition of Oishii Japan returns to Singapore this October featuring 300 exhibitors from 42 prefectures in Japan. There are a total of 47 prefectures in Japan, so practically the whole of Japan is represented at the event. One of ASEAN’s largest dedicated Japanese food and beverage showcase, Oishii Japan 2015 will present over 500 new types of Japanese seasonal produce, prefecture specialties as well as latest food innovations and technologies. Our eyes lit up when we saw that the event will also bring in 36 varieties of Honkaku Shochu (本格焼酎) and Awamori (泡盛).

Held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre and visitors can look forward to sampling a wide range of natural produce from Japan. From the freshest vegetables and fruits to premium grade meats and seafood, the event will also be stocked full of condiments, confectionaries, snacks, delicatessen foods and desserts. Some unique items at the event include persimmons and melons from Aichi prefecture, Sanuki Olive-fed Wagyu Beef from Kagawa, red snow crabs from the southern prefecture of Tottori and Southern Bluefin Tuna Sashimi from Kagoshima.

kagoshima wagyu roast beef oishii japan 2015
Kagoshima Wagyu Roast Beef by Kagoshima Kyodo Food

French Burger by Hattendo oishii japan 2015
French Burger by Hattendo Co Ltd

Jyounamagasi japanese sweets oishii japan 2015
Jyounamagasi (Japanese Sweets) from Koshiyamashouten Co Ltd

Kyoto Beef Miyabi Sirloin oishii japan 2015
Kyoto Beef Miyabi Sirloin by Ginkakuji Onishi Co Ltd

Shochu Tasting

One of Oishii Japan 2015 highlights is shochu, a popular drink in Japan and one of the national spirits of Japan. Featuring Honkaku Shochu (本格焼酎) and Awamori (泡盛), visitors can learn about this versatile drink and pick up tips on how to serve and enjoy shochu through workshops and tasting sessions. Honkaku Shochu is a single distillation shochu that is rich in flavour and very aromatic whereas Awamori is a shochu unique to Okinawa and typically made from long grain indica rice. Both ranges are pretty potent and alcohol level can reach a high 60 percent for some brands. The event will also feature various Japanese wine, liqueur, sake and whiskey.

“I was surprised to learn that not many in this part of the region have tried shochu, a popular alcoholic beverage in Japan and one of its national spirits. As the largest dedicated Japanese F&B showcase in ASEAN, we want to shine the spotlight on the lesser-known yet important aspects of Japanese cuisine and culture. Hence, we have decided to introduce this national spirit at this year’s event,” said Mr Nishida, Director of Oishii Japan.

Live tuna-cutting demonstration

We were told that there is also a whole tuna cutting demonstration. Without having to fly to Japan and trot to Tsukiji Fish Market at 4am, visitors can witness the rare event of watching a trained Japanese chef deftly carve, fillet and slice an entire tuna flown in from Ehime Prefecture.

Food innovations and technologies

And if you are F&B owner looking to up your productivity, Oishii Japan 2015 also brought in the latest food innovations and technologies from Japan designed to increase efficiency, from food preparation to manufacturing and packaging. For example, there is the world’s smallest Gyoza making machine that folds 1,500 pieces of Gyoza in an hour and the world’s smallest Nigiri Sushi machine that rolls about 1,200 pieces of sushi per hour. The entire team most certainly will not be able to roll even 100 pieces of sushi in an hour.

Oishii Japan 2015 event details

Date and opening hours:
Trade: 22-23 October 2015, 10.00am to 5.30pm daily
Public: 24 October 2015, 11.00am to 4.30pm

Halls 405-406, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

You can purchase tickets at SGD4 per person at Admission is free for children 12 years and below. For more information, visit

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