An overall result of Angelababy’s plastic surgery assessment yesterday has confirmed that the model-actress is indeed au naturel.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who underwent several tests at the Beijing Badachu Orthopaedic Hospital on 15 October to prove she has never been under the knife, received the result at noon of the same day.

Chief Physician Qi Zuoliang revealed that Angelababy’s bone structure is found to be free from any incisions, and that all the areas examined, including forehead, nose, eyes, lips, oral cavity, and ears, have neither signs nor scars of such a surgery.
However, some Netizens are still skeptical about the actress’ decision to do the assessment in Beijing instead of Hong Kong.
To this, she replied, “I did try searching for one in Hong Kong five years ago, but they didn’t have this kind of service.” 
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