Malaysian Chinese singer Soo Wincci will soon be having her first ever solo concert in Malaysia this 31 October 2015 at Plenary Hall, KLCC, but some sponsors have pulled out due to a video that she posted back in August.

Despite that, the 29-year-old former beauty pageant did not cancel her upcoming concert and is willing to invest her own money, a total sum of RM500,000, to make it happen.

Also, even though her plan is opposed by her own parents, Wincci said that she will make sure that the concert proceeds as planned because she wants to maintain her reputation as a professional singer.

“If I cancel the concert, I will lose the trust from the people because I have promised them that the concert will happen, and this will also affect my reputation. These two things cannot be bought with money,” said the singer.

Some sponsors have withdrawn from Wincci’s “Simply Inwinccible” concert due to the video she posted, urging the Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to resign.

(Photo source: Soo Wincci’s Facebook)

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