Ruco Chan won My Favourite TVB Actor for the second year in a row recently at the StarHub TVB Awards 2015 held in Singapore.

According to On CC, the actor, who attended the event that was held on 24 October, revealed in his acceptance speech that he was nervous and excited at the same time.

“I was able to bring back this award to my mum last year to know that I have been working hard, but at the time, my head was shaved for “Captain of Destiny”, so the pictures didn’t look that good. But the sacrifice has helped me won the same award again this year,” he said.
He also thanked TVB Executive Catherine Tsang for the opportunity that was given to him.
Last year, the actor won the award for his role in “Ruse of Engagement”.
The winners of the 2015 StarHub TVB Awards are as follows:
My Favourite TVB Drama Series: “Captain of Destiny”
My Favourite TVB Actor: Ruco Chan (“Captain of Destiny”)
My Favourite TV Actress: Liza Wang (“Limelight Years”)
My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor: Vincent Wong (“Tomorrow is Another Day”)
My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Rosina Lin (“Young Charioteers”)
My Favourite TVB Male Characters:
Edwin Siu (“Madam Cutie On Duty”)
Kenneth Ma (“Noblesse Oblige”)
Lawrence Ng (“Tomorrow is Another Day”)
Louis Cheung (“Momentary Lapse of Reason”)
Moses Chan (“Every Step You Take”)
Wayne Lai (“Overachievers”)
My Favourite TVB Female Characters:
Eliza Sam (“Under the Veil”)
Kristal Tin (“Ghost of Relativity”)
Linda Chung (“Tiger Cubs II”)
Nancy Wu (“Ghost of Relativity”)
Priscilla Wong (“Madam Cutie on Duty”)
Selena Li (“Brick Slave”)
Tavia Yeung (“Eye in the Sky”)
My Favourite TVB Onscreen Couple: Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong (“Madam Cutie on Duty”)
My Favourite TVB Theme Song: “The Truth” (Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu for “Eye in the Sky”)
Most Improving TVB Artiste: Tracy Chu (“Tomorrow is Another Day”, “Smooth Talker”, “The Fixer”)
TVB’s Best New Artiste: Grace Chan (“Overachievers”, “Raising the Bar”, “Captain of Destiny”)
StarHub Recognition Award: Adam Cheng, Liza Wang
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