Power Chan has denied any hidden agenda behind his recent open letter to TVB announcing his departure from the company, On CC reported.

The actor, who just recently returned to Hong Kong having completed his theatre tour in Taiwan, stated that his online letter was just a way for him to voice out his feelings, and not in any way should be used as a weapon to attack the company.

The statement comes after some Netizens blasted TVB for treating its actors unfairly, while others believed that it was just the actor’s strategy to get better offers from the company before extending his contract.
Power also referred to TVB Executive Catherine Tsang’s statement recently about his departure, saying, “I think she understands what I am going through. Like she said, we might see each other again in a couple of years.”
“My reason for leaving is me. This is my issue, and it has nothing to do with anyone else. I have to start thinking about my future,” he said, and stressed that his letter was not a form of blackmail to the company.
As for a statement in his letter that he blamed others for the lack of opportunity to play the lead in TVB productions, Power said, “Yes, when I was younger. But not anymore.”
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)