Wee Meng Chee or better known as Namewee has been asked to sign a declaration statement from Hong Kong concert organisers saying that he will not make any sort of reference regarding the Malaysian or Chinese governments during his concert tonight.

The controversial rapper took the issue to Facebook and posted the photo of the declaration form with a caption, “HAHA! THX DEMOCRACY! It is only a concert in Hong Kong, is it really necessary…”

The photo went viral on Facebook with more than 6k likes and 1k shares.

“We are not suppressing (Wee’s) freedom of speech, but we are cooperating with many units in Hong Kong and everyone feels sensitive and nervous (about his vocalness),” said concert organiser and event manager Henry Lau Tao-hung quoted by The Malaysian Insider derived from South China Morning Post.

No stranger to controversial issues, Namewee has been making a name for himself across Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian regions for his touchy remarks towards the government, which he frequently references in his movies and songs.

(Photo source: Namewee’s Facebook)

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