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Malaysian YouTuber Jinnyboy and his partner Reuben Kang from Jinnyboy TV, recently won the award for Malaysia’s Most Popular YouTube channel at the recent WebTVAsia Awards 2015.

At the event, TheHive.Asia managed to chat with Jinnyboy who was formerly a DJ for the local radio station Hitz.FM.

When asked about his win, Jinnyboy said that he was never really excited about winning awards but it does feel nice to get acknowledgement for his work.

“I don’t know how to say this, but for me, awards don’t make me feel that I have achieved something great,” said Jinnyboy who also hosted the awards show.

Jinnyboy and Reuben Kang from JinnyboyTV, receiving the award for Malaysia’s Most Popular YouTube channel.

“It is nice to be acknowledged for what you love doing, but to me, the biggest award is having continuous fans watching our videos and day to day telling us how much they love us and our videos. That’s what keeps us going,” he added.

The 31-year-old YouTuber claimed that he thought Namewee would have won the category as his videos always go viral on social media, but he also feels that everyone in the category is unique in their own way, so he didn’t see it as a competition.

Jinnyboy and his co-host, Kandy Wong.

“If you want to talk about the technical aspect, I thought that Namewee would have won, but there is no competition because every creator in that category is unique. We all have our own style and creativity, so there is no competition at all.”

Jinnyboy also mentioned that the award truly goes out to the community that helps his team grow, and he will continue to make creative videos and tell stories for as long as he lives.

“I love having people telling me their experiences and I love telling people my experiences. As long as I continue living, there will be a lot of experiences to write about,” he continued.