Although she was widely rumoured to be dating actor Alan Wan, Hong Kong singer-actress Jinny Ng has set tongues wagging after she was photographed having a romantic dinner with actor Hugo Wong recently.

According to Apple Daily, last week, the singer was seen driving her brand new Porsche to a restaurant in Stanley, accompanied by the actor. They were observed having a romantic dinner together, and later taking a walk down the pier.

Although Hugo tried to keep his distance from Jinny to avoid being seen by others, the latter instead seemed calm and relaxed about it.
The two of them only left the restaurant around 10pm, and spent some more time at the pier before leaving the area.
Sources claimed that the reason for Hugo trying to keep his distance from Jinny was to avoid unwanted rumours. The actor, who has the chance to be promoted to second male lead through the new series, “Peculiar Taste”, reportedly has been warned by the company’s top management to steer clear of unnecessary rumours.
The two stars become friends after working together in their new drama, “Intern Nurses”.
Jinny and Hugo have yet to respond to the rumours at the time of writing.
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