In popular culture, you can be friendzoned, or you can be acquaintance-zoned. But Hong Kong singer Jinny Ng has put TVB actor and rumoured boyfriend Hugo Wong in the worst zone there is when she said that the she thinks of him like an older sister.

According to On CC News, the singer, who attended an event recently, responded to rumours of romance with the TVB actor after they were photographed having dinner together in Stanley.

“It was just a regular social gathering,” said Jinny. “You either have a meal with a girl friend, or a guy.”
Jinny stated that she would never go to Stanley for a date if she was indeed in a relationship, and stressed that the two of them have been friends for a long time.
When mentioned that she was seen flirting with Hugo, Jinny replied, “That’s how I talk to people, no matter if they’re men or women.”
And though Hugo used the “we won’t know what the future holds” response to questions about future romance between them, Jinny cut short any possibility of development by replying, “He’s like an older sister to me.”
She then laughed and corrected her statement, saying, “He’s like a brother.”
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)