Hong Kong actress Jennifer Tse expressed obliviousness of a supposed upcoming wedding between her actor brother Nicholas Tse and his girlfriend Faye Wong.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who attended a watch brand event recently, looked puzzled upon being asked about the wedding rumours.

“Who said that?” she asked. “I will not ask Nic for confirmation. The most important thing is for him to be happy. If there is a happy event coming up, then the whole family will be happy for him.”
As for Jennifer herself, she thinks that love is more significant than just the rings and a marriage certificate.
When mentioned that her former sister-in-law Cecilia Cheung has expressed her good wishes for the couple, Jennifer said that the actress has always been a positive person.
Meanwhile, Faye’s good friend Zhao Wei, who was also at the same event, declined to comment on the rumoured wedding.
“I don’t know anything,” she said.
(Photo source: Tencent Entertainment)