The Wedding of the Year between Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy has finally been realised, as the couple celebrated their love in a fantasy wedding held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre on 8 October.

According to On CC News, the “American Dreams in China” star made his appearance at the venue as the children choir sang the song, “Baby”. Angelababy, who looked stunning in an elaborate dress, walked down the aisle accompanied by her father.

The actor also made his declaration of love to his wife, saying, “I have never treated anyone so nice before. Besides my mum, I want to present you with the best of things possible. The things that you like will be the things that I like.”
Angelababy responded with her own oath, saying that she will support her husband and be by his side through thick and thin.
“After we grow old together, I will say to you that I made the right choice by choosing you.”
The grand wedding was attended by various celebrity guests, including Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Lin Chi-ling, Wong Cho Lam, Li Bingbing, Li Yundi, and Gao Yuanyuan.
Online video platform iQiyi has also created a special page for the wedding so that fans can enjoy it as well.
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