If you happen to be living in Malaysia or Singapore, or their neighbouring countries, you would currently be living in a perpetually hazy world.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce all this thick layer of smoke is no good news for your natural breathing apparatus – or, put simply, lungs.

So here we helpfully compile for you a list of healthy beverages you can enjoy that not only help you quench your thirst (the weather is very hot) but also keep your lungs healthy and pollutant-free.

1. Chrysanthemum tea 

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea
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Chrysanthemum Beauty 02
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No, put down that Yeo’s packet drink, it’s time you brew your own tea to reap its full benefits. The process is simple enough: step 1) boil water, step 2) steep dried chrysanthemum flowers in the water, step 3) drink. Widely known for its detoxifying properties, it is the perfect drink to expel all the air pollutants from your lungs. This caffeine-free tea will strengthen lungs as well as purify blood of toxin since it is rich in antioxidants. For more kick, add some ginger for added benefits. Ginger is also very effective in eliminating pollutants from the lungs.

2. Ginger root tea & lemon

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While we’re on the subject of ‘ginger’, here’s another version of a refreshingly healthy tea for your poor, smoke-addled lungs. You can either use plain water, which is beneficial enough on its own, or green tea, which has a global recognition of its health benefits, as the base. Start by boiling the water/green tea and then infuse finely chopped ginger for twenty minutes, this is to help transfer the active ingredients from the ginger into the tea. After that, add lemon juice, two tablespoons should be sufficient. Lemon juice cleans the skin tissue and helps eliminate toxin from respiratory tracts. Feel free to add some honey to counter the ginger’s spicy taste.

3. Orange juice

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Again, it is better to make your own rather than consume the carton variety. It is definitely not hard to juice some oranges. You don’t even need a juicer as this is one juice you can easily extract by simply squeezing the fruit itself (always clean with water before doing any juicing). A fruit of the citrus species that is very well-known for being rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6, the essential vitamins that help the lungs transfer oxygen. Or if even squeezing an orange is too much for you, opt for simply eating it instead, it will still give you the same health benefits.

4. Grapefruit juice / Pineapple juice

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Pineapple Juice
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This newcomer to the citrus family is often hailed as the best drink for ex-smokers, who turn to grapefruit juice to truly clean their lungs of the pollutants they’d inhaled over the years. If it’s good enough to clean a smoker’s lungs, then it’s definitely good enough to kick haze pollutants from your lungs. It contains natural antioxidants that improve the breathing system. For some people, the taste of grapefruit can be a little intimidating (never add sugar, that sorts of defeat the purpose of consuming grapefruits for health reasons in the first place), so trade it with pineapple juice, which has relatively the same lung-cleaning power.

5. Water!

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It goes without saying that drinking water is the most important thing in keeping a healthy pair of lungs. It is not called the elixir of life for nothing. Water helps flush out the toxins in your body. It also keeps blood flowing from and to the lungs. It keeps your lungs hydrated, in turn keeping mucus flowing (don’t gag, mucus helps trap pollutants in your lungs). If plain water gets too boring for you, try adding come cut fruits in it. Strawberries, limes and lemons are some favourites to go with a good ol’ glass of H2O.
BONUS: Eat these
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Eat fruits that help promote lung health such as apples, berries and pomegranates. Munch on some seed or nuts or eat some beans, as they help improve respiratory system and increase lung capacity. Don’t forget your veggies, cruciferous vegetables broccoli and cauliflowers are great in cleaning the lungs. For hot and spicy food lovers, here’s your chance to pack more of those chili and curry in your food since they also are great for lung detoxification. 
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