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Congratulations to both Harith Iskander and Faizal Tahir for safely welcoming their newborn babies yesterday.

Malaysian stand-up comedian, Harith Iskander, 49 announced the happy news on his Instagram by uploading a photo of him holding his son.

The baby is named Zydane Xayne Iskander, and is the third child of Harith and his wife Jezamine Lim.

The couple also has two other children; three-year-old son Zander Xayre Iskander and one-year-old Alessandrea Jayne Iskander.

Meanwhile, Malaysian singer-songwriter Faizal Tahir, 37 also shared the good news on his Instagram with a picture of him kissing his newborn child.

A photo posted by Faizal Tahir (@faizal_tahir) on

Though the name and gender of the child are not revealed, the baby is the sixth child of Faizal and his wife, Siti Raihanim Noran.

The couple also shared four other kids; Ahmad Mikaeel Zidane, Siti Raudhah Nur Iman, Ahmad Rifa’ie Zidane, Siti Rawdha Nur Jannah and Siti Nawar Malaeka.