Goodbye Mr Loser
Although mainland film “Goodbye Mr. Loser” broke the RMB1 billion mark recently, the celebration did not last long, after a movie critic accused it of plagiarism.

As reported on Sina News, a movie critic named Wenbai recently alleged that the movie, which tells the story of a middle-aged loser who was able to fix all his life’s mistake when he magically transported back to his high school years, was similar to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1986 movie, “Peggy Sue Got Married”.

In his post, Wenbai stated that the movie copied Coppola’s work scene by scene, although some might beg to differ.
“Goodbye Mr. Loser” producer, Mahua FunAge Production, has begun taking steps to prove their innocence, to the extent of using legal means.
The company even posted a statement online, stressing that the inspiration for the movie comes from a post on, that contemplates what would happen if one wakes up to find one is back to high school.
Co-directed by Peng Damo and Yan Fei, the movie stars Shen Teng, Mai Li, Zhang Yiming, Lee Li-chun.