GarfieldRun 2014 2

To all you lazy bums out there, it’s time to get on your feet and run at the upcoming Garfield Run which is coming to Malaysia soon!

Why is it called the Garfield Run? Because Garfield is the laziest cat ever known (even though he is fictional), and is famous for saying “breathing is exercise”.

So, it is up to us to show the lazy fat cat the benefits and fun of running by joining the Garfield Run which will take place at the Plaza Tugu Negara on 26 December 2015.

Garfield Run Malaysia 2015

The run will have tons of fun as it will also feature exciting Garfield-themed carnival activities and performances from Garfield and friends.

The run will be divided into two categories; the 3km Garfield Mini Fun Run and the 5km Garfield Long Fun Run.

Each runner will be given the following entitlements:-

  1. Garfield Run T-shirt 
  2. Garfield Run finisher’s medal
  3. Garfield cushion
  4. Garfield Run drawstring bag
garfield run kl tshirt

Starting at 4pm, the price for the entry of each category is as follows:-

Untitled 3

To register for the race, visit

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