After her first successful live performance at Japan’s New Sunny Music Festival back in August, singer Leah Dou has finally made her debut in mainland China recently.

According to Mingpao News, Leah, daughter of songstress Faye Wong and former musician husband Dou Wei, performs for the first time in China at an outdoor music festival in Beijing on 3 October.

Channeling her own boyish style on stage, she began her performance with the band, singing two songs back to back before introducing herself to the audience.
Although Faye was nowhere to be seen that night, Leah’s former stepfather Li Yapeng did appear at the show with daughter Li Yan to show support for her.
However, some Netizens disclosed that though Faye was not seen at the show, she was present at the rehearsal and during the performance, but decided not to show herself in order not to distract audience’s attention from her daughter.
Leah revealed that she plans to launch an album before the end of the year. 
(Photo source: ui.sina.com)