Instead of returning Li Chen and Fan Bingbing’s passports to them after they were allegedly found in Kyoto recently, a Netizen has posted them online.

According to Mingpao News, recently, a Netizen revealed that he had found immigration documents belonging to five people, including the lovebirds near a station in Kyoto, and decided to post photos of their passports online.

He also added that a slip of paper within the passport showed that Li and Fan were staying together in room 1521 of an unknown hotel.
The post, however, surprised Fan Bingbing’s Studio, which had made an announcement recently that the passports had not been lost. The studio suspected that it was more likely that the passports had been secretly photographed based on the video footage taken by the hotel’s CCTV.
“Their passports were not lost. They were on the desk in her manager’s room, along with the hotel bills,” according to the statement.
The studio added that a close observation of the monitors showed that a total of four attendants had entered the room to clean it – three of them Japanese, and one Chinese.
“The police are currently investigating the case,” her representative stated.
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