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Taiwanese actor Darren Wang said he was too nice to play the bad guy in his latest movie, “Our Times”.

“I have nice parents,” said the actor cheekily, during the movie’s press conference at One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia recently.

Director Frankie Chen explained that Darren did not have enough time to really build his character Xu Tai Yu for the movie, which resulted in him being repeatedly nagged by her to do better.
Though she added that the actor was not afraid of her at all, a statement which the actor laughingly agreed with.
However, it seemed like the bad guy image work out well for Darren after all, seeing that he wasn’t suitable for the good guy role anyway, according to the director.
It was revealed that Frankie initially cast him to play good student OuYang Fei Fan but when asked the reason why, she laughingly replied, “I was mistaken.”
“I think that this kind of mistake is normal. It was only afterward that I realise he doesn’t fit the good guy character.”
In “Our Times”, Darren’s Xu Tai Yu is a school gangster who helps a plain high school named Lin Zhen Xin (Vivian Sung) get the attention of her crush, the popular OuYang Fei Fan (Dino Lee). But he is only helping her because he has a crush on OuYang’s girlfriend.
“Our Times” opens in Singapore and Malaysia this 22 October.