Dante Lam recently received a stinging welcome during a recent trip to Malaysia for the filming of his new movie, “Operation Mekong”.

According to Oriental Daily, the Hong Kong director revealed that he was bitten by a six-inch centipede while filming the movie in the country.

“At the time, it stung like fire and I immediately felt numb and dizzy. I was rushed to the hospital and received two shots for it. Then I went back to work,” said Dante, who took a time off from filming to attend the Tokyo Film Festival recently.
“Truthfully, I haven’t completely recovered. But it was fortunate that the bite was on my leg and not my arm, which would be closer to my heart. That would have been fatal.”
Dante also stated that he had since taken an extra safety measure by ordering rain boots for the team and preparing medical assistance on the set.
(Photo source: orientaldaily.on.cc)