Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma have reunited for the upcoming sequel to the 2014 mini drama, “A Time For Love”.

According to HK Channel, the sequel, set to be released around Valentine’s Day, will also continue to be presented as an omnibus project.

Although it was not explained whether Charmaine and Kenneth will be reprising their roles as a career-minded woman and her fake subordinate boyfriend, the relationship dynamics in the new version is still between a superior and a subordinate.
“I am pleased to work with Charmaine again. She’s my idol,” said Kenneth about their collaboration. 
He joked, “I want to discuss with the producers so we can have additional intimate scenes.”
Priscilla Wong and Pakho Chau will also join the movie as childhood friends-turned-sweethearts. 
While the original mini film was set in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Japan, this time around the production will go as far as Germany.