Though he previously attributed his wife’s bulging belly to weight gain, actor Benny Chan recently admitted that Lisa Jiang is currently pregnant with their fourth child.

As reported by On CC News, the actor recently confirmed the news via telephone interview, saying, “My wife is pregnant for the fourth time. We don’t know the baby’s gender just yet.”

Benny hinted that it was an unexpected pregnancy, since he has just accepted a project for a new drama series, while his 10 month-old daughter has only recently learned to say ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’.
When asked if he prefers a son or a daughter, Benny said that he doesn’t mind any gender as long as the baby is healthy.
He also expressed his gratitude towards wife Lisa for her sacrifice, after giving birth to one child after another every single year since they’ve been married.
Benny and Lisa, who got married in 2011, already have three children, Elizabeth, 3; Cyrus, 2; and Isabella, who was born last year. 
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